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5 Tips for Helping Your Cat Exercise

December 24, 2017 | Filed under: Uncategorized — Trumann Staff @ 10:35 pm

Pet Talk

By Dr. Norette L. Underwood


5 Tips for Helping Your Cat Exercise

  1. Make sure kitty has things to climb on, like a multi-level cat tree or tower.
  2. Invest in a laser toy, either an inexpensive one, or something a bit more sophisticated like the Frolicat™ line.
  3. Choose toys and activities that appeal to your cat’s hunting instinct. Neko fly toys are on a wand with an interchangeable toy end. You can put feathers, flys, strings, etc for fun for your cat.
  4. Don’t overlook old standbys, like dragging a piece of string across the floor in view of your cat. Ping-pong balls are another oldie but goodie, along with bits of paper rolled into balls, and any light object that can be made to move fast and in unexpected ways.
  5. I also recommend walking your cat in nice weather using a harness. This gets him out into the fresh air, stimulates his senses and gets his paws in direct contact with the ground. An alternative is a safe, fully enclosed porch or patio area that prevents your cat from getting out and other animals from getting in.


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