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Barnie Moe’s Letter to Santa

December 18, 2017 | Filed under: Uncategorized — Trumann Staff @ 3:35 pm

Pet Talk

By dr. Norette L. Underwood


Barnie Moe’s Letter to Santa


This week my adoptive rescue from 2 years ago” Barnie Moe” wanted me to write a letter to Santa not only for him but for all dogs and cats.  He thought pet parents needed guidance on what their furry children really wanted for Christmas and every day as far as that goes.


Dear Santa Paws:


  • I would really like to have Love and lots of petting daily for me and my brother and sisters. Opie, Lucy and Gracie Rose.
  • Healthy treats daily to keep me full of energy between meals. Especially those treats my momma brings home from her veterinary clinic.
  • Make sure the couch has soft beds and warm blankets for us to rest and snuggle on.
  • Keep my fur clean and tangle free. I have lots of fur especially on my feet and those mats in between my toes can sure be painful. Don’t forget to clean the sleep out of my eyes daily.
  • Play with me daily. Lucy, my older sister the lab, loves to fetch toys and bumpers. When you throw for her it is so much fun for us to run and chase her. Like our short legs can catch this long-legged creature.
  • Let me curl up in a lap while you and dad watch TV.
  • Keep the blinds up all day so I can survey my Kingdom. I like to make sure no trespassers such as cars, squirrels, birds, and other dogs don’t invade my space.
  • Don’t fuss when I bark incessantly at anything that moves outside.
  • Teach me to be obedient and mannered so others will love me too.
  • Teach me to go to the bathroom in my designated area.

Genetic testing is a great way to see who my ancestors could be. My mom did this for me. She has info on how others can test their dogs to see what breeds they are.

  • Keep my Toy Basket full of toys that I can squeak, toss and rip to pieces.
  • Santa please make sure that all the less fortunate dogs and cats are safe and warm this Holiday Season.
  • Please donate or adopt from a group that helps unwanted and lost pets receive love and care. Instead of getting me so many toys take some of that money and help some less fortunate pets.
  • Last but not least, I want Officer Corey to know how thankful I am that he brought me to Trumann Animal Clinic. I was so tiny. His kind heart would not let me go into a run with bigger dogs. Animal Nurse Tarsha who took me in just knowing that my momma Dr. Underwood would just had to have me. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful home where I am loved and cared for daily. I wish that all homeless dogs and cats could have a wonderful life like me.
  • Santa please help everyone to please find it in their heart to make a donation to the animal Charity of their choice to help others have a Happy Loving Home like me.


Thank You Santa,

Love Barnie Moe

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