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How to Be the Best Pet Parent in Town!

September 18, 2017 | Filed under: Uncategorized — Trumann Staff @ 8:13 pm

Pet Talk

By Dr. Norette L Underwood


How to Be the Best Pet Parent in Town!


  1. Think twice before taking your dog to public places.


Before taking your pet into a public place make sure your pet is comfortable with crowds.  Your dog’s temperament has a lot to do with how they react around other people and pets.  Make sure you have an adequate leash and that your pup knows basic obedience commands.


  1. Vaccinate your pet on schedule.

Be sure and get your pups vaccines on schedule.  Vaccines start at 6 weeks and continue every 3 weeks until your pup is 18 weeks of age.  After the initial series of shots they are vaccinated and checked by your veterinarian every 6 months.  If your dog goes to daycare, travels, or competes in field or agility trials, or goes to dog shows make sure that they are vaccinated against canine dog flu.


  1. Keep Medical Marijuana out of reach.

    Be careful with any medications, chocolate and other toxic substances. These substances can be dose dependent. How much your pet eats makes a difference as to how intoxicated they get.  Contact your veterinarian immediately.  Your vet will force your pet to vomit and they continue with other treatments.


  1. Pick up after your pet.

    Pet feces can spread bacterial species and parasites that live in the stool.  People and other animals can get sick by coming into contact with this material.  So please pick up your pets poop. Not only does it spread disease, but also it is smelly and unsightly.


  1. Know when to seek the help of a professional trainer.

    If you have a dog that is aggressive or is difficult to control, consider hiring a professional to help you train your dog.  Small problems as a pup can turn into big problems as an adult.  Most dogs that are surrendered to shelters are due to behavior problems.  Remember your pet only know what it is taught.

If you have questions about being a good dog parent please contact Dr. Norette L. Underwood of Trumann Animal Clinic and Best Friends Vet Mobile Service at or 870-483-6275

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